From Waitangi to Ruapekapeka. Lead-up to the Battle

The Battle of Ruapekapeka happened because the British authorities did not honour the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi

Hone Heke chops down the flagstaff.

A faction of Ngāpuhi lead by Hone Heke protested in a peaceful (though provocative) manner. The situation escalated, a town went up in flames, and the British declared war on the Māori “rebels”.  

Venerable warrior chief Te Ruki Kawiti stood alongside Heke against the British Crown.  

Hone Heke (centre) with his wife Hariata and Te Ruki Kawiti

The British were surprised by the military prowess of Heke and Kawiti. The first major battle of the Northern War was a draw, the second a crushing defeat for the British. The Battle of Ruapekapeka was the final encounter. 

From Waitangi to Ruapekapeka, A Prelude to War from Raysan kubaisi on Vimeo.

Why was Ruapeapeka chosen for the battle site?
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