Submission rules



  • If the material is about a historical subject, it must be supported by traditional knowledge or documentary evidence. For the former, the person who holds that knowledge must be clearly identified, and must be acknowledged by their own whanau, hapu or iwi as a holder of traditional knowledge.  For the latter, a list of source material must be provided.  Stories which are unsubstantiated or unsupported will be rejected.
  • Supporting evidence may not be required for material which is editorial in nature (i.e. an “opinion piece”).
  • The person submitting the item must provide his or her name and contact details.   If you are submitting on behalf of somebody else, you must provide the name of the author. The name of the author will be published on the website.


  • We will reject material we deem inflammatory, potentially offensive or overly controversial.
  • We may recommend edits before accepting the content for the purpose(s) of improving grammar, spelling or writing style.  For long items, we may recommend a reduction in length.
  • We will not change or edit the item at the time it is posted on the website or in the future without the permission of the person who submitted the item.   We may alter the layout or location without obtaining permission.


  • The person submitting the material must give us permission to post it on the Ruapekapeka website.  If you are submitting on behalf of somebody else, you must verify that you have obtained the permission of the author, owner or kaitiaki.  
  • The DOC and the TRT are not responsible for any copyright or intellectual property infringements caused by posting submitted content on the Ruapekapeka website.